Hello Wildly Wonderful Women,

Are you already awesome but feeling a little restless? Do you feel there is more to life, but can’t work out what? Maybe you know you need to reconnect with your purpose but what does that even mean right?

Can I tell you – the answers are all within you! You just have to know how to find them!

Let’s get curious together. Coaching might just help you re-find yourself!

I am Jenny, and I am a career, leadership and life coach and I’m here to help you get more joy and positivity into your day.

Work with me to discover your best self.

To enrich your life with more meaning, purpose and joy.


It’s my mission to help you take your best self to work and bring her home again!

Do you get up every day with the intention of working on the

important things but somehow you get sidetracked

by meetings, emails and busy-ness?



Do you go to professional learning and training, get energized

yet you slip back into old habits?



Do you have a good life but can’t help thinking –

What else? What next? What if?


Do you feel restless or stuck?


Let me guess…

You’re the type of woman that doesn’t hire a coach. As a matter of fact, you’re not even really sure why you’re on this page. You’ve got this far doing what you do, you are clever, self-sufficient and have your sh*t together.



You recognise something isn’t working…. as well as it could be, as well should be, as well as it used to be! You know you have what it takes to be awesome, you’ve done it a million times before. You set yourself goals, apply for promotions, get stuff done – for yourself, for your family and for your job …..


And yet now something is different.

Restless – what else, what next, what about me?


Life is moving along, things are changing (or NOT!) and you want to be best prepared to flourish in the face of this challenge and transition.

You’re a disciplined achiever with an insatiable curiosity and passion for life learning. You won’t rest until you can put your finger on it.

I invite you to work with me so you can approach your life, your job, your world with confidence, deeper peace, consistent daily wins, and joy.

Your career goals and the next small steps required.


The skills and mindsets required for authentic leadership.


How to set boundaries to protect your time and energy.


Managing your emotions in highly charged environments.


How to step into your best life with calm, clarity and confidence.

Jenny Cole was instrumental in helping me to navigate a major career challenge – and I have parlayed those insights into my current job. I remain as impressed today, as when I first attended her growth training at our school years ago.

I was dispatched to far north WA to grapple with the task of scouting, refurbishing, developing, and staffing a new school campus.  All the while, I felt personally and professionally isolated. And to add to things, this new campus was another 500km from my base.

Jenny combines a gentle approach with an almost fierce belief in me. Her questions sparked a shift in recognising my own skills, capabilities, and attitudes in a deeper way. Building on my confidence enabled me to take on more complicated challenges. Throughout, Jenny created a space for supportive, professional conversations that leant perspective to what I was confronting. Read More.

Meredith Roe

Virtual School Program Manager, Catholic Education, WA