Lead Like A Woman

Megan Della-Camina and Michelle McQuaid are two awesome, generous and switched on women. Separately they have successful careers and together they have created the groundbreaking Lead Like a Woman Program.

​Positively Beaming are delighted to bring  Lead Like a Woman to Perth audiences in a face to face format.

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Lead Like A Woman is an evidence-based program, uniquely designed to help women emerge with the kind of true confidence, career clarity and vibrant well-being that creates lasting leadership success.

Based on our work with thousands of women and leading organizations, we fuse the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership development, gender science and well-being principles into cutting-edge content, inspiring programs, and supportive coaching communities that deliver real results. In fact, the career and life-affirming changes we have witnessed in the women who join us have, quite honestly, both humbled us and blown our minds.

We have worked inside businesses to help them change the conversation around women and work, adapt their models, rethink their approach on leadership development as well as diversity to drive real results for their women (and yes, for their men too).

We have shown leaders, both men and women, that there is, in fact, a different way to show up each day. A better way to be in the world. A new form of leadership that when adopted and embraced, really can change everything.

We look forward to serving you through this work, which is our greatest passion, and helping you empower yourself, your leadership and your business by learning how to lead like a woman.


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