Work With Jenny

One on One Coaching

Do you get up every day with the intention of working on the important things but somehow you get sidetracked by meetings, emails and busy-ness?

Do you go to professional learning and training, get energised yet you slip back into old habits?

Do you want to put what you ALREADY know into action?

Circle Coaching

Join one of our coaching circles where you can have purposeful conversations with other professionals to:

  • Generate options to workplace challenges
  • Discuss and deconstruct successes
  • Develop better work /life habits
  • Reflect on progress towards personally relevant work goals

Lead Like a Woman

Megan Della-Camina and Michelle McQuaid are two awesome, generous and switched on women. Separately they have successful careers and together they have created the groundbreaking Lead Like a Woman Program. 

Positively Beaming are delighted to bring  Lead Like a Woman to Perth audiences in a face to face format.

OR access their acclaimed online program here.

Workplace Wellbeing


Do you want:

  • a workplace that is positive, creative and productive?
  • your team to be more resilient?
    to create energy rather than manage stress?
  • lead high performing teams?
    to do more of what you do best every day??

Me At My Best


Who are you when you are at your best?

What are your strengths, talents and interests?

What gives you energy and joy?

What motivates and inspires you?

Curious to find out about how the Me at My Best program works? Interested to know how you can be yourself at work, in life etc? Let us show you how you can be more of that person more often.


Discover your Thrive Factor


Are you read to gain personal insights needed to activate permission, unlock effortlessness, grow confidence, embrace your core strengths, understand potential challenges and unleash your innate potential so as to truly and totally thrive?

I thought so! Discover your Thrive Factor with your Licensed Profiler!