Do you ever wake up with a feeling of dread or sit in another pointless meeting and notice the crushing realisation that the life you envisioned for yourself is not the one you are living – or worse still – it IS and you hate it!?

How did you get here and how can you find your way out?

The voices in your head are bickering…

If you had just been smarter, worked harder, applied for that promotion.

If only you had chosen a different career, town, partner, iPhone cover, it would all be better.

You second guess your choices, judge your decisions, compare yourself to others leaving you paralysed with fear and regret.


The career you studied so hard for, the job you worked your butt off to get, is now sucking the life from you. You are good at what you do and you are passionate about the work. But, every day is hard. Mind numbing, joy sucking, people loathing, boss hating hard.

Shackled to your desk by the golden handcuffs of salary and superannuation – you can’t leave.

Or can you?

You worked so hard to achieve this, this very job, this very office, this very pay packet. This is what you know, this is what you understand, this is what you are good at.

My work is so niche, my conditions hard won – I wouldn’t be able to find this anywhere else or do it on my own.


So what do you want??

A million bucks, a desert island and an army of servants to look after my every need.

No – seriously what do you want?

I know I don’t want this shit day after day.

So what DO you want?

Silence …. No one has ever asked this before.

What would you be doing if you had the life you wanted.

What brings you energy and joy?

What work would you be doing, where and with whom?

What do you want to be feeling?

What would people be noticing about you if you were living the life you wanted?

What would you be noticing about yourself?

What else?

What else?

Who would be helping you, guiding you, coaching you, holding your hand?

Now write all that glorious shit down.

Get clear about the life you want.

Make a plan.

Choose one TINY positive thing you can do today that’s going to get you one step closer to your joy.

Go do it.

Come back tomorrow and do it again.

* and tell the voices in your head to shut up – because you’ve got this!!

Hello there! I am Jenny Cole – Coach, Consultant and Cheerleader. I work with women to create careers, workplaces and lives that allow them to flourish.

I love nothing better than watching smart, capable but overwhelmed women step confidently into their best self and truly succeed.

I am endlessly curious with two successful businesses behind me. My blog shares what I see, what I know and random musings.

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