2019 was the year of contrast. Some days felt like a long hard slog and others were full of joy and friendship. It was the year I decided to bring Jenny back, to find my feet, my voice and my community.

Here are a few of the lessons learnt. None of them is new, in fact I may have given you the exact same piece of advice at some point

Ask for what you need

This lesson kicks me in the butt year after year. People can’t help you if you don’t tell them what you need. Pouting, stomping and grizzling only works for divas. The rest of us have to put up our hands and say “I need help” If the help doesn’t come, move on, ask someone else …

Don’t ask for what they can’t give you!

If I walked into a bookshop and asked for an icecream I would be disappointed. Or if I asked the mechanic to fix the hem on a skirt -disappointed. Likewise in relationships. I spent 9 years asking my partner to be something he was never capable of being. That was my issue, not his. (well….maybe…a little)

I first encountered this lesson in The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and I use it often, it certainly helps me to be more empathetic and compassionate.

Treasure your 3am friends.

These people are unicorns if you find one never let them go. They are the ones that will do whatever it takes to make it better, at any time of the day or night. They will pick you up, dust you off, give you champagne and call the lawyer. No questions asked!! Love these people hard and pay it forward.

My 3 am friends at ….well….3am!

Surround yourself with happy people

It’s not easy making new friends when you’re a grown-up. Harder when you live and work on your own. But find a common interest, say yes to the event, turn up, be curious and voila – there you are – a whole community of people who also want connection. I have met so many fabulous new people in 2019 who have bought a real richness and happiness to my life.

Do the work

I know lots of things. I have enough ideas for 4000 people but none of it will make the slightest bit of difference if you don’t do the work. So I did. Lots and lots of work. I really put some serious effort into Positively Beaming which is slowly paying off. I finished Thrive Factor School, learning all about feminine archetypes. I wanted to give up on this O.N.E M.I.L.L.I.O.N times but persisted. I learnt a whole bunch of new tech skills, how to build websites and automate email responders and ALL THE STUFF which I am putting to work for me so that biz is more streamlined. Leaving more time to serve my fabulous clients.

Do the inner work

I had lost my sparkle. I was not showing up and being seen. I had forgotten who I was at my best – a wise cheerleader and mentor/teacher who creates freedom and opportunity. In 2019, I worked hard on dragging that amazing lady back into the arena where she belongs. I created a vision board of inspirational women who use their voices to inform, guide, inspire and teach. It was a daily reminder to stop hiding my light under a bushel.

I’m a bloody awesome coach BTW – in case you were wondering. And coaching professional women to be more of their best selves is the best job in the world.

I am looking forward to 2020, a new home, new opportunities to laugh, love and to be brilliant.


Hello there! I am Jenny Cole – Coach, Consultant and Cheerleader. I work with women to create careers, workplaces and lives that allow them to flourish.

I love nothing better than watching smart, capable but overwhelmed women step confidently into their best self and truly succeed.

I am endlessly curious with two successful businesses behind me. My blog shares what I see, what I know and random musings.

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