Many years ago, when I was travelling through the US, I met a woman called Joy. She was the hardest, sourest, least joyful person I had ever met. To be fair, she was in her sixties and waiting tables at the breakfast buffet at the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas. She was still working because she had no pension, superannuation or insurance. Not a lot to be happy about, right?

My 23-year-old self was hugely judgemental. How could you possibly still be working at that age?! Now, I understand some of the reasons why and, “when you know better, you do better” – Maya Angelou.

However, this woman called Joy’s nasty disposition started my theory that the Joy’s of this world were largely joyless and being named Joy was one of those subtle jokes the universe plays all the time.

But, today I met a woman called Joy who destroyed my theory about this name.

A part of the organising team at the Ultimate Girls Weekend Away – this Joy beamed from ear to ear all day. She exuded both happiness, wisdom and belonging. Her energy was palpable.

What I now know to be true is that happiness is a choice. I am sure that Happy Joy could be waiting tables at breakfast and still be smiling. I know nothing of the lives of either woman but my guess is that both have experienced periods of struggle, heartache and challenge.

Only one of them made a conscious effort to go deep inside, find the real joy and be intentional in bringing more of that positive energy into the world every day.

Hello there! I am Jenny Cole – Coach, Consultant and Cheerleader. I work with women to create careers, workplaces and lives that allow them to flourish.

I love nothing better than watching smart, capable but overwhelmed women step confidently into their best self and truly succeed.

I am endlessly curious with two successful businesses behind me. My blog shares what I see, what I know and random musings.

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