When I was a teacher, I always hated introducing myself at social events like barbecues. I think there was some sort of shame around you’re just a teacher. Then when I became a school principal, I rarely owned up to it because no one wanted to be the school principal in a social setting when you lived in a small town. Everyone had an opinion and they were rarely helpful… 

I was at school my headmaster was a bloke – he was a dickhead

I reckon teachers are slack they arrive at 9 and leave at 3

The sports carnival was too long, too short, too hot, too cold, too windy

My kid didn’t get an award 

You get the idea.

Then I left the education system and became a consultant. When people would ask me what I did, generally I would say,

I used to be a Principal. Now I consult back to the education system.

And later when I settled into the consultant role I would say,

I’m a consultant and I work with … and list names and companies that I’ve worked with.

As part of being a consultant, I coached almost non-stop for six years with hundreds of leaders and executives and almost never called myself a coach.

What was that about??

In 2016 I decided to “show up” as they say in America. I would embrace my inner coach/consultant and proudly introduce myself as such. Over the summer break I began with great enthusiasm, at barbecues and parties, but more than once people responded with “ “Oh you’re life coach.” And my heart sank.

The work I do is serious business and you call me a life coach!

It’s kind of the professional equivalent of introducing yourself as a physiotherapist and someone saying, “oh you’re a personal trainer.” Or introducing yourself as an engineer and being mistaken as a handyman. (Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with being a personal trainer, handyman or even a life coach!)

However,  the temptation to yell and scream and defend what it is that I do is overwhelming. Instead, in the words of Simon Sinek, let me describe My Why.

My Why:

To be generous with my time, my heart and my expertise so that others grow.

I want the people I work with to feel safe to explore new possibilities and strategies in their life and work.

My Brand:

I consider myself an executive coach with the appropriate accreditation and affiliation with the International Coaching Federation.  I am also a facilitator, a sharer, a writer and importantly,  a developer of people. I take the work I do, but not myself, seriously. I believe in having fun, keeping things light but passionately defending what you believe in. At my best I am kind, generous, creative and real.

I LOVE to facilitate workshops – it gives me an energy and buzz I don’t get anywhere else. Consequently, I run a large number of training courses for both my businesses and for other companies. You can find details about these at:

www.beamconsulting.com.au and www.positivelybeaming.com.au

My Support Of Others:

In my coaching practice, the women who work with me are intelligent, well-educated women who are employed in middle to upper management – often in education and not for profit.

My role is not to be a mentor,  not to be a friend, not to be a teacher or a critic. My only job as a coach is to be curious. I need to be curious about the women, their context and most importantly curious about their strengths, their mindsets, their limiting beliefs and the habits. I am then curious about how these elements help them to be the best they can be and how these elements may get in the way of what they want to achieve.

I also support through workshops, retreats, events and some awesome public and closed facebook groups.

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Hello there! I am Jenny Cole – Coach, Consultant and Cheerleader. I work with women to create careers, workplaces and lives that allow them to flourish.

I love nothing better than watching smart, capable but overwhelmed women step confidently into their best self and truly succeed.

I am endlessly curious with two successful businesses behind me. My blog shares what I see, what I know and random musings.

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