Frequently Asked Questions

What is evidence-based coaching?

It is a stream of coaching that employs scientifically-supported strategies to bring about change, based on Positive Psychology. This is not about crystals and incense; it’s solution-focused and based on your strengths. We work together to build a specific picture of the change you want to see and live. Our sessions are focused on clearing away distractions (ever noticed you’re busy with things you say YES to?) and creating room and energy for change. A lot of coaching today is formulaic. My approach is more organic, and paced by you. It’s not militantly task-centred; it’s gentle and supportive as you grow and feel empowered.

Will I lie on a couch and tell you my life story?

No! Evidence-based coaching does not include therapy. It does not diagnose or treat any mental illness. Nor does coaching look back: it looks forward, to the life you’re going to create and claim for yourself.

We’ll talk (sitting upright!).  We’ll explore. We’ll gently dig down to what really matters to you.  

Imagine an archaeologist using a brush to carefully unearth a priceless gem beneath the surface. Over time, it’s become encrusted with layers of mud, losing its shine and gifts to the world. (No, I’m not saying you’re a fossil!) Sometimes, our obligations and distractions are like that mud. Let’s start to brush it away, and find joy in what you discover.

How many sessions are involved?

Typically, I see clients for six sessions, roughly once a month.

How long do they last?

Each session lasts one hour.

If I can’t see you in person, what alternatives do you offer?

I offer sessions through Skype and Zoom, and on the phone.

I work with people around Australia and throughout the world, and find that phone coaching is often more effective.

What happens during our Discovery Call?

This call is an opportunity for you to ask questions, and for us to start to get to know each other. Together, we’ll work out what you want from coaching, and I’ll explain my process to help you get there. By doing a little bit of ground work now, we’ll be better positioned to hit the ground running if you choose to book a session.

After we’ve talked, I’ll follow-up with a written summary and a proposal to move forward. This will include my fees.

Anything I should do ahead of our sessions to prepare?

Let’s say you’ve made an appointment with a medical specialist for an issue that keeps you up at night. You would clear time for that, and you would respect the doctor’s time by being punctual and ready to go.

I ask that of you – for yourself. This is your time. Let’s maximise it! If it’s a phone session, I’ll call you on time. Allow yourself a few minutes to clear your mind and take some deep breaths. Choose a quiet space, free of distractions. Guard this time jealously and joyfully.

What do you charge?

After our Discovery Call, I’ll send a written proposal, which will include my fees. Book Now!

Can I give a session(s) as a gift voucher?

 Bosses: A coaching session also makes a great gift for an Employee for the Month or Year, or as part of a bonus.

Fundraisers: A short course of coaching sessions makes a creative, unique highlight in a raffle-drawing, luxury door prize, or other fundraising endeavours. Giving an experience, rather than yet another product, is very popular today. Stand out!

Anything else you’d like me to know?

Because I set aside time for you, please understand that I require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation. If not, your appointment will be forfeited.

More questions?

I’d be delighted to answer them! 

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