“Do the work” she said. Which made perfect sense. If I wanted my business to be successful I had to “do the work”. Work harder, be strategic, hustle, market, follow up, focus!

Yet the advice came hot on the heals of – you are tired – physically, mentally, spiritually. In fact, she said my feminine energy was depressed and my masculine energy was exhausted.


Yep, I was running on empty. Carrying with me heavy bags of obligation, compassion, guilt, have-to’s and shoulds.

On the outside I had my shit together but I knew I was spinning. Spinning plates, spinning my wheels, spinning off into orbit. I was grateful and mindful; teaching the concepts of authenticity, vulnerability, shame and self-compassion – but on the inside I was angry. I was tired.

Do the work… on the inside.

Eat well, move often, sleep well, restore. Put down the bags of obligations. Rid yourself of what no longer serves you and put boundaries around relationships. Stop being responsible for other peoples well-being and look after your own.

Do the work… the inner work.

Stop searching for happiness on the outside and make yourself well on the inside.


Working on myself, for myself, by myself.