Jenny Cole was instrumental in helping me to navigate a major career challenge – and I have parlayed those insights into my current job. I remain as impressed today, as when I first attended her growth training at our school years ago.

I was dispatched to far north WA to grapple with the task of scouting, refurbishing, developing, and staffing a new school campus.  All the while, I felt personally and professionally isolated. And to add to things, this new campus was another 500km from my base.

Jenny combines a gentle approach with an almost fierce belief in me. Her questions sparked a shift in recognising my own skills, capabilities, and attitudes in a deeper way. Building on my confidence enabled me to take on more complicated challenges. Throughout, Jenny created a space for supportive, professional conversations that leant perspective to what I was confronting.

Together, we explored how best to manage my expectations – of both others and myself. My role involved immense amounts of travel, and I learned strategies to address my workload on the road. Just as importantly, I was better able to care for myself amid these harsh conditions and pressure.

Jenny was always gracious in accommodating the need to speak at short notice. Unfailingly, I walked away from each session with clarity: how to move forward and what steps to take. I am particularly impressed by Jenny’s follow-up: touching base to ask how things turned out. Her support resonates far beyond our scheduled time.

Meredith Roe
Virtual School Program Manager, Catholic Education, WA

I have turned to/engaged Jenny Cole at two separate points in my career, and the rewards continue to ripple from our sessions together.

​Each time, I felt stuck. Jenny worked with me to rediscover my strengths, which lay in me all along. I was able to recognise these tools and harness them for maximum effect. In turn, I gained more understanding of both my own norms of behaviour and of those around me.


For example, we explored options around conflict resolution when heading a team.  I came away with a clear plan to begin applying immediately. Jenny equipped me with strategies to address staff who were underperforming. I was able to address the issues in a way that the staff member felt supported even as they were held accountable. That’s quite a balance.

​Jenny spurred me on to look at the bigger picture, and how my current and future goals worked toward that framework.  With her in my corner, I pursued and achieved bigger roles.

I commend Jenny for her results, for her kindness and for her ease in moving between coaching and mentoring as needed. Our regular sessions have wrapped up, but I return now and then for a “tune-up” to keep me/things on track.

– Ashley Mottershead
Principal, Level 5 Primary School, WA.

Jenny Cole is an integral part of my professional development circle. She is both familiar with the environment and demands of my role, yet occupies a place outside it. This lends perspective and insight.

As a school principal, I feel isolated at times. I can consult my peers from other campuses, but each of them will naturally view circumstances through their own lens. Jenny listens closely and sees through a fresh prism. Crucially, she maintains objectivity; there is no agenda as we weigh different approaches.


I trust Jenny implicitly, and our confidentiality affords me peace of mind to tease out sensitive scenarios. We have used the DiSC method, a way of assessing personality types and how best to manage their nuances. This has proved helpful in how I engage teachers and parents alike. At times, I’ve had staff navigating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Occasionally, in a diverse school community, a cultural roadblock will emerge which compounds a situation.

What began as a short block of sessions has become an ongoing part of my professional development. I actively invest in my career. This continuity has paid dividends: Jenny knows where I have been, where I am now and where I wish to propel myself in the future. When a situation has become pressing, I’ve been able to call on her at short notice.

I also value that Jenny’s client base stretches beyond the education landscape. When we’re brainstorming leadership styles, I benefit from her myriad experience with CEOs across many industries.

– Anon
Principal, Private School, Australia


Thank you again for the pleasure of your company. I have again remembered how powerful it is to breath and connect with wildly wonderful women. York was peaceful. Visually and mentally. Thank you for your endless patience, support and forethought. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks. 

- B

What a wonderful nurturing environment to take some time out to work on myself and my own needs and goals. As a woman, everyone else seems to come first and it is not natural to give yourself number one priority. It has been great meeting some wonderful women to share insights and experiences with. You have a ‘gentle’ leadership where everyone feels safe and can get whatever they need. It’s a very positive and uplifting experience. Thank you so much for all you have given us!

- Anon

I didn’t really know what to expect of the retreat. I simply wanted to find like-minded women, identify, evaluate and adjust necessary elements of my life, meet some new people and have fun.

All the above objectives have been met. I look forward to working on myself, feeling supported to achieve my goals.

Thank you. 

- Shirley

Fantastic weekend! Kudos.

Warm, engaging style. Beautifully organised. Well-paced, giving us time to think, write, contribute. Great resources. Well set out facility.

Congratulations! And thank you, Jenny. 

- Alicia

Fabulous, I have felt nurtured and nourished, mentally and emotionally.

The gentleness of your delivery of information and attention to detail has made this the best thing (retreat) I have been to. Connecting with all these amazing women has added to my wonderful experience.

Thank you so much x

- Karen