About Us

I am a busy professional woman just like you. A mess of glorious imperfections stitched together with good intentions.

I am a coach, facilitator, writer and mother to Albert the spaniel.

I am endlessly curious and draw greedily from the well of worldly wisdom and I am always keen to share what I know with the wildly wonderful women I work with.

I work with your strengths and believe that the world is always ready for a little more joy. You are welcome to join my Facebook group or Instagram for a daily dose of positivity.

My professional qualifications are diverse – from Industrial Relations, Education, Leadership and Positive Psychology but my greatest learning came when I was taught to SHUT UP and listen.

My clients are amazing – make sure you check out the testimonials to see what they are saying.

Jenny Cole

(Chief Energy Officer)


Jessica Willis

(Chief Tech and Organisational Guru)